Best Limo Hire - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the limo hire expensive?
Many years ago the number of limo hire was very low as they used to be very expensive but nowadays they have considerably decreased as well as the prices. 
When someone is organizing a special event such a wedding limo hirebirthday limo hire orhen/stag party limo hire the image of a limousine hire pops into his or her head straight away.  

At bestlimohire.co.uk we forever work hard to find you the best prices all around the UK so that when you enquire about the availability of your dream limo hire in your selected area we already have gathered a list of the best limos in that area at the best possible prices.

I don’t know which limo hire I would prefer to go for. How do I go about finding the limo hire of my dreams?
You must have seen many limos being driven around your area or anywhere else in the UK. The number of limo hire has increased considerably over the years and the types of limo hire have also increased accordingly.

At bestlimohire.co.uk we offer limo hire from some of the best operators in the industry who provide us with top of the range limo hire. If you are someone who like to enjoy a posh night out in town or wish to organize a quiet night out in style then you can go for anyone of our hummer limo hire or Lincoln town car limo hire

For those who like to have a wild day or night out then we have a various range of limo hire such as the BMW X5 limo hire, the Range Rover limo hire, the Porsche Cayenne limo hire or the Chrysler Baby Bentley limo hire

For the ones who like to go for something even more extreme we have the Party bus limo hire or the Fire Engine limo hire

We also have some luxurious cars such as the Rolls Royce Phantom car hire and the Bentley car hire. 

This is a little description of the different types of limo hire available to us and if you are looking for something even more specific then call our customer services team who will find you what you are looking for.

How many people can I take with me inside the limo hire and can we all have a good time on board of a limousine?
At bestlimohire.co.uk we know that many of you would want to spend your amazing day on board of our limo hire with as many of your friends as possible and that this why we have a wide range of our 4x4 limo hire and super stretched limo hire which can carry up to 16 passengers.  All our limo hire are customized specially to suit the needs and requirements of all the passengers on the day or night and that is why we have all the luxury installed inside to give you the ultimate experience.  

Some of the delights on board are TV’s, DVD, disco lighting, luxurious cushy seats, a bar, play station consoles for the younger ones and many more treats are available for your satisfaction. 

Our limos also come in various colours such as our black limo hire, white limo hire, silver limo hire, blue limo hire and Pink limousines hire so you can be sure that you won’t run out of choices.

For what occasions is a limo hire used for?
A limo hire can be used for many occasions such as Weddings limo hire, Birthdays limo hire, Hen/Stag parties limo hire, Royal Ascot limo hire, TV production limo hire, movie launch limo hire, School proms limo hire, Corporate Events limo hire, Airport Transfer limo hire, Business meetings limo hire and we also provide our limo hire for many other types of events. 

Give our sales team a call and book your limo hire for your special event.

Is it safe to travel on board of a limousine?
At bestlimohire.co.uk we have been congratulated by our clients on numerous occasions for the way they have been treated and the everlasting safe experience they received. 
We only provide our limo hire with the finest chauffeurs around the whole of the UK. 
Many of our chauffeurs have been working for more than 10 years with us and they love their job; this will always reflect in the way they treat you. They are very friendly, professional and will also make sure that you get entertained all throughout your journey by serving you with a bottle of champagnes. 

We look out for the safety of our clients and our chauffeurs all throughout the journey and this is why we always work under strict terms and conditions. The safety and satisfaction of our customers are our primary concerns. 

We will pick you up at your place and drop you back in the same manner. 

Would I get a cheaper limo hire if I book in advance?
We always strongly recommend any customers to book at least one month in advance as the longer they leave their bookings and the more expensive our limo hire becomes. 
We work on a first come, first served policy and by booking in advance you will give us enough time to get you the best price for your limo hire. As we are a very popular and busy limo hire Broker we can’t guarantee that we can find you the best quote if you leave it to the last days or hours as your preferred limo hire might not be available or might be very expensive. 

Some of our clients have already booked for events which will be held in the summer such as School Proms and Weddings; this is due to our everlasting relationship and mutual trust.