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Limo Hire Southhampton

Have you been looking for a change in your travel? Perhaps you are tired of the heavy traffic and heaving train stations and you are looking to avoid all this as you add excitement to your cruise. There are vehicles that offer these and much more and they are the stretch limos.

The pink Hummer is part of the stretch limousines fleet offered by Bestlimohire.co.uk, but it plays in its own league. This Hummer has an interior that provides a social environment, guaranteed to set in the party mood. It boasts an averagely large disco floor with matching ceiling and bars and the snuggest leather seats are set up in it. In addition to these comfy seats, you are offered with a larger leg and head room for a ride of a lifetime. Relaxation is what you get besides entertainment because the seating arrangement is spacious and there is an air control panel. The entertainment devices set up in this Hummer limo are enough to blow your mind and they include plasma TVs, DVD players and a colossal surround system. As if that is not enough amusement, there is a play station game connected to these TVs. The ceiling has disco lights, laser lights as well as LCD lights that are synchronized to provide a disco ambience. The pink Hummer limousine has a proficiently designed exterior that enhances its appeal. The outside is done with professional paintwork that has a metallic finishing and distinctive shading that makes it one of a kind. It is also fitted with twenty two inch wheels just like any other Hummer limo but the scissors doors make it a cut above the others. This limousine is very expensive, though it remains the most sought after especially in Southampton but stretch limo hire has cheaper substitutes for those who cannot afford it.

The fire engine limo, the ambulance limo (limbulance) and the party bus limo are some of the unique stretch limos for hire. They are fitted with unique features that make them attract a whole bunch of clientele for many events and they are in all price categories. Other stretch limos that you can hire for any event you are about to mark include the Range Rover, the Lincoln Millennium and the Audi Q7. These three are way cheaper than other limos but offer an equivalent amount of sophistication as well as a touch of class.  

Have you been looking for a superb set of wheels for your prom night? Search no more as there are vehicles that are more than just superb and hiring one of them is the surest way to see this. Prom nights are some of the imperative events in a teen’s life and dressing formally is not enough nowadays. These adrenaline charged teenagers want to have the most spectacular prom night as well as make the grandest of entries at the venues, for them to be the envy of the others. You can be just that by hiring one of the stretch limos, maybe the BMW X5 stretch limo.

Take a break from your busy week and just enjoy the great and fresh outdoors of Southampton. You don’t have to take your car to go for this activity, although it is considered the best way to go for an expedition. For the best tour around this area and still services that are second to none, you should check out the stretch limos in the fleet of Bestlimohire.co.uk as you go for one.